DEV-X Consulting


At DEV-X, our mission is to empower healthcare companies to deliver high-quality care through innovative engineering solutions. We are committed to leveraging our deep technical expertise and industry knowledge to improve the design, manufacturing, and operation of healthcare facilities, medical devices, and information systems. Our team of engineers and consultants is dedicated to partnering with healthcare organizations to identify and solve complex engineering challenges, optimize resource utilization, and enhance patient outcomes. We are committed to advancing the state of the art in healthcare engineering through research, collaboration, and continuous learning. Our goal is to be a trusted partner to our clients, delivering exceptional value and driving meaningful impact in the healthcare industry.


We are one of the world’s leading medical sales and recruitment agencies, years of proven track record and experience in recruiting top talent to leading companies. We help talented job seekers like you find rewarding opportunities for career advancement.


DEV-X is one of the leading healthcare IT recruitment firms in the healthcare sector. We have years of experience connecting top talent with large organizations. We help talented professionals like you find rewarding opportunities to advance your career.


At DEV-X , we know how hard you work. That’s why we have world-class biotech and pharmaceutical recruiters with that in mind when helping you find your next job. will help you find rewarding and enriching opportunities to advance your career.


We provide the right professionals helps companies to boost growth and sales by developing new business strategies and business opportunities. We will help you find rewarding and enriching opportunities to advance your career.

  1. Project and Program Management
  2. Strategic Portfolio Management
  3. Business Transformation and Cost Improvement
  4. Regulatory and Privacy Compliance
  5. Marketing and Business Analysis