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DEV-X is dedicated to relentless pursuit of excellence in strategy development & flawless execution

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We combine our deep industry expertise and networking skills to connect you to the right solutions. We also harmonize strategy with reality and align individuals with goals to DEVelop & eXecute for job hires and seeks. Our consultants are experts who will work hand in hand with clients to develop solutions for their challenges and become your strategic partner to guide you at any stage of your business transformation journey.


Program Management

Strategy Consultation

Project Development


Finding the right talent at the right time has been challenging for organizations, especially if you don’t have the proper talent acquisition and sourcing. As a business solution provider, we firmly believe collaboration is the key to winning talent in any niche. With a customized, end-to-end solution designed to adapt to your requirements, we have one motive – to help your business grow. Get a complete HR solution and dedicated manager for all your project needs.


Product launch, business case support, clinical trials, compliance or need business analyst support to maximize data-driven approach. We are your partners through the complex journey of the pharmaceuticals and consumer goods lifecycle. Our clinicians, chemists, and pharmaceuticals consultants are mission-driven and bring years of experience in brainstorming and project launch of complex ideas.


The world is changing, and we are learning and adapting to it. With your growing needs in User Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Business Management, and ever-so-substantial Compliance, we are right by your side to help you manage your most pressing business needs. Our team of engineers, lawyers and business managers will consult with you for any project need and create the most efficient strategy to get you to point A to B in the most time and cost-effective

Healthcare IT

Optimize your Digital Health platform, increase operational efficiency, and champion compliance in the patient-first Healthcare IT space with our project solutions and consulting experts. We understand what it takes to be at the forefront of cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Healthcare is our effortless solution for you so you can manage your goals effectively.

Medical Devices

Our medical devices consultants are the best in the business. They create strategies, manage compliance and do what it takes to launch, keep, and sustain your device in the market. Working with FDA, TUV, and BSI – let’s get going! Building a new AL capability – we are here for you! Medical Devices are our expertise. Our consultants have deep knowledge and respect for device design and patient safety. We will be your partner from ideation to launch for any MD need.


Our Focus

Hire Right -
First Time

Our unique vetting process and extensive talent network ensure you will find talent with the suitable skill set and culture fit you need—FAST.

Vertical Focus Experience

Our focus on niche functional areas across R&D, manufacturing, compliance and commercialization makes us a Partner OF CHOICE.


We are vertically focused. This approach helps us generate a strong pipeline of qualified candidates and deliver customized services that cater to your needs.

Hiring Process

Your hiring process will have a seamless experience through our elements of honesty, consistency and clarity.

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